A Mordern take on Still Life - Flowers with Clear Glass of Water

Step By Step Instructions

Instead of using the typical Fresh Flowers and Vase for a Still Life Shots. To reflect recycling in everyday 21st Century Living, Roses were made from Recycled Paper, the instructions for making them can be found on this highly creative blog by Stephanie Lynn. The camera was set to auto/macro with flash off, the High Gloss Floor insert was used for Both Black and White Set-ups. Here is the Set-up on a black Foto-Stage, the glass contains tap water to make it stand out more from the Back Wall, the water also reduced the reflection of the camera in the glass.

 Shadow was added by Picassa until the reflective floor blended to the Back Wall but no more than that, otherwise the reflection will be lost. Here are some landscape shots:

 Here are some Portrait Shots:

Using the White Foto-Stage alone looks bland and boring as the Flowers and Glass do not stand out. Wedging a leftover piece of wallpaper sample between the Glass and Back Wall holds it upright like scenery on a stage and gives the photo more contrast:

Highlight and Filllight were added until the wallpaper blended into the high gloss floor, here is a portrait and landscape Shot, the Black wallpaper pattern makes the photo more alive and interesting: