How to Photograph Abstract Red Paper Trimmings on Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

While emptying out the recycle bin, this piece of vivid red paper fell out, it's a Samurai red that really looked good on Black so a Black Foto-Stage with Gloss Floor insert was used. The camera was set to Auto/Macro with Flash Off. Here's the setup:

All Photos had some Shadow added to it in Picasa to darken it until any seamlines dissapeared while keeping the reflection intact:

 In these Photos, Highlight was added, producing more dramatic orange/sunset shades, but not in the ones above, where the colour is more homogeneous:

 Again, you can see the different with highlights from Picasa.

If the light is too bright or too hard and you are getting the light itself reflected at the edge, you can clip a piece of paper on the back wall so that hoods over the Foto-Stage and reduce glare.

In the left Photo, a lot at Shadow was added making parts of the red paper and reflection dissapear completely.

Here are some Portrait Shots, the one on the left had more highlight added and the one on the right had more shadow added: