How to photograph Bracelets with Foto-Stage and make them 'float'

Step By Step Instructions

Sparkling Bracelets look great on both black and white backgrounds, but depending on the look you want, some look better on black, some look better on white. But as most Jewellry shots are taken on white backgrounds, this example uses a white Foto-Stage.

1. If you have yellowish or insufficient indoor lighting, set up a white foto-stage on the window sill, click here for instructions.

2. Insert the high gloss floor

3. Remove any dust with the sweeper

4. Place the bracelet to the back of the stage

5. Set your camera to auto/macro without flash

6. Focus on the bracelet and take the shot, even if it is late in the day and the photo is darker than you would like. this does not matter, just aim for clarity rather than lighting. If your room is very dary as in this photo:

You can always use Picasa to add light if you do not have studio lighting.

Here is an alternative taken on the Black Foto-Stage.

Although most jewellry is shot on white, depending on the type of bracelet and the look you are after, some bracelets can photograph well on black. Here is a chunky style bracelet with strong deep colour, it looks just as good on black, with a reflection of the texture.

But this tiny bracelet has light pink crystals, so it looks better on white as it is overwhelmed by black