How to Photograph a Diet Ad for Posters, Signs or Cards

Step By Step Instructions

Staging a Diet Ad shot with Foto-stage is easy, as food looks better on white, a white Foto-Stage was used. A dressmakers tape measure was wraped around the food and cliped to the sides, you can keep it as tight or as loose as you want. The camera was set to auto/Macro with Flash Off, the White HIgh Gloss Floor Insert was used, Here is the set up:

 Here are the Orange Shots:

 Adding very little Light with Picasa leaves a gradient style Backdrop:

You can also use Picasa to easily add more light to whiten the Background before adding Text:

Here's another example for making flyers, web pics adverts or printed ads:

You do not need studio lighting, household lighting will do.  The above Photo was taken in the evening with normal lights.

You can add light in by Picassa:

And add text also: