How to Photograph an Elegant Bauble Decoration with Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

Foto-Stage provides an easy way to take Elegant pictures of Classic Coloured Objects. Here are 2 Classic Colours, Black and Gold. Both Baubles were hung from the back wall of the stage with matching colour thread and both were taken on their side, 2 examples of the setups are shown here.

The Gold Decoration was photographed with a black Foto-Stage with the High Gloss Floor insert:

And the Black one was shot on the White Foto-Stage with the High Gloss Floor insert:

The camera was set to auto/macro without flash, here are the shots for the gold bauble on it's side, Picassa was used to add a bit of shadow:

Here are portriat shots of the Bauble hung off the back wall, Picasa was used to add shadow to make the thread disappear:

The more shadow you add , the less reflection you get .

You can also use the curved shape of the back wall of Foto-Stage to cast a shadow on the High Gloss Floor.

 Here are the Photos of the Black Bauble taken on a White Foto-Stage, a bit of fill light was added with Picassa to avoid the need for expensive studio lighting. The one on the left was hung with white thread off the back wall. The one on the right was taken on it's side and the Photo was rotated counter clockwise.

 Here are some photos of the Black Bauble taken on its side.

Here is a photo of the base tip of the Bauble taken while it was hung with a thread off the back wall.