How to Photograph Invisible Dangling Style Earings with Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

The hardest types of Earrings to photograph are the 'long types' (not the simple studs or clip ons). These are non rigid and do not stand up on their own making it hard to capture good detail of the front and clasp at the back. If you just lay them flat and take a picture, it does not look very stylish. They look Floppy and not presented well. Foto-Stage allows you to suspend them on to a glossy floor so that you can take a picture of the Earrings with a reflection too.

These coral Earrings look good on black and white backgrounds.

In the Black setup, the Earrings were tied with black thread and suspended from pegs on the wall.

Depending on the type of shot you need, they can be lowered until they nearly touch the high gloss floor to make some reflection.
Remove any dust with the sweeper, this is important when using the high gloss background as and dust will spoil the photo.

Set camera to auto/macro without flash and take a few shots from different angles until you are happy with the composition. Here are the unprocessed shots, one from the side which shows more clasp detail and one from the front with reflection.

Import into Picasa, add shadows to the black until the thread disappears (but not too much so that the reflection remains intact) If needed, add a tiny bit of highlight for more definition. Here are the finished shots, one with reflection and one without.

For the white set up, the Earrings were tightened on to thin strips of cellophane. (cut out from the window of an envelope). You can also use white thread, what ever's at hand. If you want a reflection, you have to lower the Earrings until they nearly touch the glossy floor.

Here are some unprocessed shots, one from the side to show clasp detail and one from the front with normal household lighting in the evening.

Import into Picasa and add light until the cellophane disappears. The more light you add, the less reflection you get, it all depends on what look you want. Here are the processed shots, one with reflection and one without.