How to Photograph a Long Gold Chain with Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

Foto-Stage provides an alternative way to take pictures of thin long chains because part of it can be hung from the wall while the remainder can be arranged into different shapes on the high gloss floor insert for some reflection.

Here is a simple long gold chain, it looks more interesting when hung in different styles of the wall, these photos were taken at different times of the day, the left used natural daylight and the right one used electric lights. The camera was set to Auto/Macro without flash for all shots. The end results are similar. 

In the left photo, the chain is hung on 2 pegs, symmetrically in the center, like a normal necklace display. In the right photo, the chain is hung on one peg to the side to give a bit more reflection, you can also make different shapes with the chain depending on the look you want.

Here are some unprocessed shots in Landscape and Portrait mode:

These photos were imported into Picasa and a tiny bit of shadow and high light were added to increase the contrast, this also helps you adjust the amount of reflection captured.

Here are more shots  under low lighting, using the chain to make different patterns on the high gloss floor insert, the one on the left had less shadow added and more reflection remains in the photo.

Here are the Finished Shots with Light added in Picasa, this makes the necklace appear to float.