How to Photograph Necklaces Including Clasp Detail with Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

Foto-Stage provides an alternative way to take pictures of necklaces. Because it has a back wall, you can use it to suspend long necklaces while creating reflections of the high gloss. For Very long necklaces, you can loop it twice over the pegs on the back wall, and arrange the rest on the high gloss floor. The same sparkly necklace was photographed on Black and White.

These Photos were taken with evening time household lighting, even though they look too dark, this is not a problem, you can add fill light with Picasa or Set up Foto-Stage outdoors for Natural Light.

And here are the processed shots, after importing the photos into Picasa, for the both backgrounds, light was added.

 You can also focus on the flower detail from a higher angle.

For Shorter Necklaces with interesting details on the clasp, you can double hang 2 pegs off the back wall and take the shot face on.

In these Pictures, you can see the clasps details are shown close up. There was slightly too much light in the Photo, this was easily adjusted in Picasa. 

 Here are the same Necklaces (one taken in portrait and the other in Landscape mode) on white after light was added in Picasa: