How to Photograph Rings with Foto-Stage and make them 'float'

Step By Step Instructions

Do you need light tents and studio light kits to take detailed pictures of rings? Rings look good on both White or Black Foto-stages, it all depends on the look you need.

Here are the instructions:

1. Set up a white Foto-Stage on a window sill, click here for instructions.

2. Set your camera to auto/macro with Flash off

3. Use the high gloss floors for some nice shadows and reflections. The top left ring was made to stand up on a tiny bit of white 'blu-tac'.

4. Take a few shots, try different angles and select the best ones.

Here are some examples Shots taken in low Light, on a white Foto-Stage. If you do not have enough lighting, this is not a problem, even photos as dark as these can be used by adding light in instant Picasa. Picasa is free and costs nothing compared to buying studio Lighting.


5. Import the pictures into Picasa and add light as needed. Here are the finished shots

 6. If you want more details in the reflection, use a black foto-stage, these shots were taken on high gloss black floor with a tiny bit of shadow added in Picasa.

 Note: As always when using black gloss, sweep the floor with the static sweeper to remove dust before taking your shot. There is a teensy bit of white dust on the middle right of this photo, the photo was not re-taken to show that it does pay to spend a few seconds to use the static sweeper. Here are some shots to show how different types on rings look on the black gloss floor.