How to Photograph a Scene with Foto-Stage and Change the background

Step By Step Instructions

Foto-Stage provides a quick way of taking a picture of an object or objects on a high contrast Back drop. The object can then be selected in an art program like GIMP (which is free) or Photoshop for Background replacement. This example takes you through step by step from set up to finish.

1. Set up Foto-Stage, you can use a Black or white one, this does not matter.

2. Set up your scene, for this luau theme, some sand was poured on the back of the Foto-Stage.

3. The turtles were arranged so that they look like a group of friends enjoying themselves on the beach.

4. As the turtles were brightly coloured in mainly green, these colours were already in high contrast with the Foto-Stage white background without having to clip on another colour. But if needed, you can slide in coloured paper if it adds more contrast, whatever background you choose, look for the one that produces clean lines without shadowing.

If you are using a black Foto-Stage, it maybe necessary to slide in a sheet of paper to provide more contrast. This will make it easier for the art program to select the background for replacement. If you already have a background printed out or cut out of a magazine you can clip it on directly and photograph it as it is without having to change the background by software.

5. Set your camera to auto/macro without flash.

6. Take a few shots from different angles (vertical and horizontal) and select the best.

7. Import the photo into a photo editing software such as gimp (free) or Photoshop.

8. This is a Photoshop example, select the background with the magic wand and delete it.

9. Paste your own background on to the image.

10. Drag the layer with the turtles above the background, try different backgrounds until you are happy with the finished result.

11. Scale your background to the best fit.

12. Save your work and you are finished!

Here are the Finished Photos: