How to Set up a White Foto-Stage on a Window Sill to use Natural Light

Step By Step Instructions

For those of us that don't have or can't afford studio lighting, natural light works just as well. The best time to use Daylight are early morning or later afternoon, when the sun is not harsh but gentle and soft.

Window sills are excellent spots to use daylight, use some books or cardboard to raise the Foto-stage above the sill line. This shot was taken in the early afternoon, as you can see the light is quite bright and is stronger on the right that then left. Depending on the type of shot your need, you may have to swivel the stage to even out the lighting. 

If you absolutely need to take a photo when the sun is very strong or you don't want to get up early or do not have time to wait until the sun light is softer in late afternoon, an easy solution is to stick some white paper to the window glass behind the Foto-stage, like this:

Using natural light is free and great if you have very yellowish light bulbs in you room. For even more natural light, when the sunlight is not harsh, set up Foto-Stage out doors, in the garden, on the balcony or on a park bench.