How to take White on Black Origami Photos on Foto-Stage

Step By Step Instructions

Here are some fun White on Black Shots taken on a Black Foto-Stage with a High Gloss Floor Insert. The objects are simple shapes folded from normal leftover office paper and tracing paper.

All objects were placed on the center of the stage, like this spring which came from a spiral bound notebook, the camera was set to auto/macro without flash. 

Here are photos of a White Spring, a bit of shadow was added with Picasa, this fades out the fold line and gives the reflection more defination and shading. Using Picasa to add shadow is a lot cheaper that tuning expensive studio gear.

Here are photos of simple Origami shapes, the knot and leaf folded out of A4 80gsm leftover office paper.

Here are photos of the Classic Crane and Fan:

Here are photos of strips of paper folded along a single axis, with the series increasing in size, the light grey reflections give it a 3D effect, Here are the Portrait shots:

Here are the Landscape Shots:

Here are what a series of smaller sized folds look like, one has uniform size folds but is shaped like an Elizabethan Collar:

Here are photos of a Paraloid folded from normal office paper:

The onefolded from Tracing paper which lets more light through, the one on the right is folded from normal paper which has a darker reflection with more definition.

You can also stack 2 Paraloids to vary the amount of light and reflection detail.